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From the heart of Northern California wine country, Crush Course brings you wine education direct from a wine insider and experienced educator.  Crush Course is ready to chart your course through wine learning.

Why Crush Course?

With a wide range of content and hands-on experiences, we have the resources and know-how to expand your wine knowledge. From beginner to advanced, the wine curious to the aficionado, the novice to the pro, Crush Course excites your wine curiosity, deepens your expertise and helps wine teams reach their goals.

“Teaching is my passion. Wine is my love. Let me share them with you.”

Mary Beth Vierra


How wine’s foundations and stories link grapes, regions, and styles. Recognizing connections make the wine world easier to navigate.


Wine is made to savor! We help you interpret the sensations on your palate and guide you to create food pairings that tantalize.


How your current knowledge, however big or small, fits in the larger wine story – how to add to it, and how to make it your own!


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