Seminar Topics

Mary Beth Vierra, Certified Wine Educator, Consultant

Crush Course offers an array of seminars. We are ready to customize your group’s next experience based on theme, interest and expertise.

A few favorites include: 

  • Food & Wine Dynamics: Create the Perfect Pairing
  • Scent Sense: Wine Aroma Challenge
  • La Dolce Vita: Italian Wine Simplified
  • Bubbles!!! A Comparative Sparkling Challenge
  • Taste the Terroir: Climate & Geography in Your Glass
  • Regional Focus: Spotlight on…(ex: Napa Valley; Valpolicella…)
  • Taste Wine Like a Pro
  • Winemaking Steps: How Butter & Apples Get in My Wine
  • Wine Confidence: Decode the Wine List; De-Mystify the Wine Aisle
  • What in the World? Blind Tasting Challenges & Strategies
  • Varietal Deep Dives (ex: Sauvignon Blanc Around the World)
  • Old World Meets New World: Styles Beyond Rules
  • What’s in a Blend? Winemaker for a Day
  • Comparatives Series (ex: Left Bank vs Right Bank; Barolo vs Brunello)
  • Diving Deep..(winemaker choices and effects; viticulture choices…)

… and more!

Let us customize a program, team-building session, pre-dinner reception, or full week of workshops for you.

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