Mary Beth Vierra, Certified Wine Educator, Consultant

Crush Course offers a wide range of seminars. We are ready to customize your group’s next experience based on theme, interest and expertise.

A few favorites include:

  • Food & Wine Dynamics: Create the Perfect Pairing
  • Scent Sense: Wine Aroma Challenge
  • La Dolce Vita: Italian Wine Simplified
  • Bubbles!!! A Comparative Sparkling Challenge
  • Taste the Terroir: Climate & Geography in Your Glass
  • Regional Focus: Spotlight on…(ex: Napa Valley; Valpolicella…)
  • Taste Wine Like a Pro
  • Winemaking Steps: How Butter & Apples Get in My Wine
  • Wine Confidence: Decode the Wine List; De-Mystify the Wine Aisle
  • What in the World? Blind Tasting Challenges & Strategies
  • Varietal Deep Dives (ex: Sauvignon Blanc Around the World)
  • Old World Meets New World: Styles Beyond Rules
  • What’s in a Blend? Winemaker for a Day
  • Comparatives Series (ex: Left Bank vs Right Bank; Barolo vs Brunello)
  • Diving Deep..(winemaker choices and effects; viticulture choices…)

… and more!

Let us customize a program, team-building session, pre-dinner reception, or full week of workshops for you.

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