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By Mary Beth Vierra, Crush Course
(2.0 hr)  Pro Seminar


Join Certified Wine Educator and wine speaker/consultant, Mary Beth Vierra of Crush Course to discover how Sonoma County produces world class wines of such diversity, plus a little-known secret about Sonoma County’s (hidden) role in world wine history!

Warm California sun, chilling Pacific Ocean air, and incredibly diverse terrain result in 18 AVAs and a broad diversity of grapes and wine styles, all showcasing beautiful fruit and aromatics balanced with fresh acidity and tannins.                 Russian River Valley, Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley are just a taste of the many premier Sonoma County growing climates we’ll explore in this educational seminar and (optional) tasting tour.

Crush Course helps you navigate the world of wine to discovery, confidence, and expertise.

This seminar is well-suited for intermediate to advanced wine enthusiasts and trade professionals looking to expand and deepen their knowledge and fluency of the Sonoma County AVA and its wines, or for the beginner who’s ready to accelerate. Fantastic support in study for wine certifications. All Seminars and Workshops include: Downloadable Tasting Mat, Sensory Evaluation Tasting Grid, and a Handout or Worksheet

PAST CLASS.  This class is held both in person and virtually.  Class lasts 2 hours including time for Q&A

WINES (with virtual classes, wine is Optional): 
You’re invited to taste along with Mary Beth. Or, sit back, relax, and soak it all in.  (*Wines not included in the class price and are BYOB). After you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email with Mary Beth’s wine list you may purchase if you choose to taste along. She makes an effort to select quality wines available from one online seller. For online shipping, allow at least 2-3 days for delivery.

A few secrets about this world premier wine growing region in Northern California:  Learn Sonoma County’s terrain, climate and soil, dip into its winegrowing history and the people who farm it, and dive into the nested AVA’s – and the grapes and wines each are known for. Mary Beth will select a range of Sonoma County wines for an (Optional) guided tasting along the virtual “tour” and education.

  • Where in the World? Sonoma County as part of California wine growing terroir
  • Sonoma’s diversity of Terrain, Climate and Soil that lead to macro and micro climates
  • Keys to understanding Sonoma’s main ‘quadrants’ and the wine styles to expect from each (hint: the map gives you the clues you need)
  • Deeper dive into several top AVAs (viticultural growing areas) and the grapes, wines and the people to know
  • A touch on Sonoma’s wine history, Sustainable Farming, and Sonoma County Wine/Food Lifestyle
  • (Optional) Guided Tasting of key wines that showcase the best of several AVAs
    • *Final Wine List emailed to registered participants.  If you choose to taste along – Feel free to acquire as few or as many as you’d like to taste and evaluate during class discussion.

THIS IS A PAST CLASS.  Future classes may be scheduled soon or booked as a private event, both virtual and in-person.

Live classes held at various venues or private events.  The virtual experience is held over Zoom Meetings. You’ll need an internet connection and ability to stream audio and video.  After registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link, instructions, and the wines list ** You don’t need a Zoom account to participate; just click it to join. But best to test your computer’s streaming capabilities in advance.

For the Zoom:
internet access and ability to stream audio and video. To join us with your own video (optional, but encouraged so we can better interact), you’ll need a functioning camera on your computer or phone as well.

For the Class:
Pre-Print: downloadable class handout/worksheet (*emailed to registered participants)

For the (optional) Tasting:  If you choose to taste along
Wine stems (glasses)
Plain crackers and water to cleanse your palate between wines
Pre-Print Crush Course Wine Evaluation Sheet, and Tasting Mat (*emailed to registered participants)

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Mary Beth or Crush Course.  *Assure you give us a working email address when registering/paying for the course.  You’ll then receive a follow up email with further instructions, downloadable handouts, and a wine list for optional order/purchasing, plus two reminder emails: One about 24 hours before the course, and one an hour before.

WHAT IF I HAVE QUESTIONS about the event, either before once I’ve registered?
Send your questions to: