Aug 1, 2024 - Healdsburg

By Mary Beth Vierra, Crush Course
Date:  Thursday, August 1, 2024

Time: 6:00pm Pacific  (Doors open at 5:45 pm)

Where:  Leo Steen Wines, 53 Front St, Healdsburg, CA 95448

(1.5 hour)


Are you ready to unlock wine’s secrets?  Can you spot the clues to finding a wine you’ll love?  Our Wine Confidence classes offer insider hacks the pros know, demystifying the wine world so you can navigate the wine aisle with confidence.

In this first of three Crush Course classes on Wine Style, you’ll master the 4 Ws—What, When, Where, and Who—of winemaking. Think of them as the major levers that have the biggest impact on a wine’s character and style, no matter where you are in the wine world.

Join us for an evening of learning, tasting, and conversation. By understanding these four keys and the styles they produce, you’ll unlock a framework for understanding all wines, and the skills to predict the character of any wine and find your preferred style.

We’ll bring the 4Ws to life through exploring 5 to 6 wines of the world, poured by our partner, Leo Steen Wines.

Crush Course helps you navigate the world of wine to discovery, confidence, and expertise.

Tuition includes one wine flight fee paid to Leo Steen Wines.


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Review key components in every wine style: Understand structural and aromatic elements.

Explore the nature of winemaking: A plant, the power of place & time, decisions by a winemaker.

Introduce the 4 W’s of wine: What, When, Where, and Who.

  • The Grape: Grouping them in meaningful categories; key components impacting style
  • The Pick/Ripeness: Elements that change with ripeness and tips for predicting style
  • The Region: Key climatic factors defining regions; predicting style from climate.
  • The Winemaker: How decisions in the vineyard and cellar shape wine.

Make educated guesses about wine style: Use the 4 W’s to confidently ask for and find more information.

Discover your wine style: Use Crush Course Wine Style Guides with examples.

1.5 hour


*This class is ideal for wine enthusiasts, from budding wine aficionados to industry pros enhancing their wine skills. It’s designed to boost confidence discussing wine and provides a strong foundation for those seeking certifications. Whether you’re early in your wine journey or a seasoned sipper, you’ll uncover fresh insights to enrich your wine toolkit.

Class Enrollment Fee Includes:

  • 1.5 hours of live class instruction by a Certified Wine Educator with 17 years of experience
  • Guided tasting of 5 curated example wines in various styles, regions of the world
  • Copies of the slide presentation for your notes
  • My Wine Style organizers—your “cheat sheet” to red and white wines
  • Crush Course wine evaluation sheet

** Don’t miss the next two classes in the series. We’ll dive deeper, revealing how the grape, region, ripeness, or winemaker’s touch influences the style of distinctive wines, exploring the intriguing ways these factors shape its character.  ENROLL IN ALL 3 Classes in the series for a 20% discount, or 2 classes for a 15% discount, automatically applied in your cart.

Class #2 delves into white wines:  https://crushcoursewine.com/product/white-wines-exploring-style-through-the-4ws/

and Class #3 red wines: https://crushcoursewine.com/product/red-wines-exploring-style-through-the-4ws/

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Send your questions to:  info@crushcoursewine.com