Wine Experiences, Classes & Services

Let’s Meet Over Wine!

Elevate your Conferences

Elevate your Conferences, Team Engagement or Client Rewards – with wine ‘edutainment’ & tasting discoveries:

Dive into a region, smash styles, meet new grapes, de-code wine-speak, boost your tasting power as we as we sip, learn!

Virtual Wine Events

Virtual wine events – Celebrations, happy hours, fundraisers:

Guided tastings, wine comparatives, food & wine. From Discoveries ‘light’ to Deep Dive learning!

Dream of a personal Wine Concierge?
  • Wine pairing for your next dinner or event
  • Private 1-1 VIP coaching for Executives
  • Curated Wine Selections or Discoveries in your online cart


Known for engaging a group, Mary Beth’s courses spark enthusiasm for wine, discoveries, and a curiosity to learn more.

She is sought for her expertise in the dynamics of food and wine pairing, regional differences and Italian wines.


Putting wine into relatable categories, decoding wine terminology and her conversational teaching style make her a breath of fresh air in the world of wine education. 

Mary Beth offers…

  • Virtual Wine Events & Classes
  • Discovery Tastings & Happy Hours
  • Conference Breakout Sessions
  • Wine as Team-Building Wine Edutainment
  • Food & Wine Pairing
  • 1-1 Executive Wine Coaching