Crush Notes 9 Featured 9 Beyond Bubbles: Prosecco and the Land of Valdobiaddene

Beyond Bubbles: Prosecco and the Land of Valdobiaddene

by | Saturday, November 20, 2021 | Featured, Wine Education, Wine Regions, Food & Wine


Walking the covered porticoes and lively piazzas of Italy at aperitivo hour, you’ll witness the exuberant beauty of Italian Prosecco pulled from chilled ice buckets filling glass after glass at every bar and café. Nothing captures the Italian lifestyle like an aromatic refreshing Prosecco for celebrating the everyday “Dolce Vita” or pairing with antipasti and plates of pasta. And nothing has captured the the world’s wine drinking fascination, quite like this delicious sparkler from the cool rolling green hills of north-east Italy, just an hour’s drive north of Venice.  

What accounts for our love of Prosecco? Is it a grape or a region? How do Prosecco bubbles differ from, let’s say, Champagne? From what growing region do I find the most expressive, distinctive versions of the highest quality? (giveaway hint: it’s Valdobbiadene and Coneglione). What are some of the best food pairings for Prosecco?

Read the article I wrote for fine, craft Italian wine importer, VeroVino to take a dive into the lands of Prosecco and what makes the cool green hills of Valdobbiadene the mother terroir. You’ll discover the various styles on offer, how it compares to Champagne (in production and character), and some tasty food pairing suggestions.

Pouring champagne or a wine into a glass.

VeroVino – Foraging natural wines and foods from undiscovered small producers around the world

Share your favorite or newly-discovered Proseccos or other sparkling wines in Comments below. We’d love to hear!

~ Mary Beth

Want to discover the most delicious food-pairing options for Prosecco?  Especially those from Valdobbiadene. Click here for my blog on Prosecco: The Pairing Possibilities.  I’ll connect you to VeroVino’s article on Northern Italy’s local foods and cuisines that are an ideal match for this sparkler. VeroVino asks me for my take on why Prosecco from this region is such an ideal and versatile food-pairing wine, and I offer a range of dishes to enjoy with it. Then VeroVino’s chef Jacqueline Mitchell provides her recipe for Risotto alla Zucca e Asiago (Pumpkin Risotto with Asiago Cheese) – a match made in Valdobbiadene heaven. 





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