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Is this Rose’ Perfection?

by | Monday, March 29, 2021 | Wine Reviews

You love Rose.’ I know you do.


Welcome Spring with an ideal version.

LIOCO Rose' of Carignan, Mendocino County, 2020 - in the bottle and in the glass

LIOCO Rose’ of Carignan, Mendocino County, 2020

It’s from LIOCO – and hits all four cylinders: heady aroma, mouthwatering acidity to quench your thirst, concentrated fruit flavors, and structure (plus a gorgeous color). Think fresh and complex. But hurry, the 2020 production was extremely limited – that combined with its fandom means it’s about to sell out! My first whiff then sip at the Healdsburg tasting room and I may have swooned. I was won over (again, as I always) by LIOCO’s Rose’ (affectionally known by followers as “Strawberry Diesel”), recent vintages made from Carignan. The 2020 is sourced from Mendocino County, where they also source 70-year old dry farmed Carignan for their Indica Red Table Wine, (93% Carignan).

Color of burnished roses and peaches, the nose packs a basket of strawberries with aromatic basil and cantaloupe.

The palate is juicy and cool with the perfect level of tartness and structure, and oh so drinkable flavors of Strawberry, pink grapefruit, a hint of watermelon plus peach peel to bring it home. Gorgeous on its own and will pair with a wide array of light to medium dishes and snacks – from prosciutto and melon, fresh cheeses, salmon. Hello Spring!

Seriously delicious (and I dare say a pinnacle Rose’). If you’re local, sample a sip and you’ll be leaving with more than one. Or go online and buy a few. They tell me final cases are dwindling. OK, so as I’m typing and sipping, I may have convinced myself to head back into town for a couple more bottles. I’d love to hang onto one or two for Summer. In case you’re wondering, I have no connection to LIOCO. I just adore this and all their wines and winemaking philosophy and want to share the love !

Have you tried it?  Drop me a note and let me know what you think!

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