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Prosecco: The Pairing Possibilities!

by | Saturday, November 27, 2021 | Wine Education, Featured, Food & Wine


When I’m asked to name my favorite wine — even my favorite wine right now — I likely won’t have an answer. That’s partially because I love too many wines at any given time. But here’s a response you’ll likely hear from me: First, tell me…what am I eating?

You see, I love wine. But I am most intrigued by how wine interplays with, plays off of, and pairs with food! Some wines are more stand-along sippers, such as those that are extra round and rich or high in alcohol, or wines that are highly fruity or taste distinctly of oak and vanilla. Pour and sip away! Others, are best reserved as “food wines” — such as those the are very lean with high acid, or with under-developed tannins, or those that veer toward the highly herbaceous.

Then there are the amazing, very versatile wines: enjoyable by-the-glass because they are so tasty while also being extremely versatile with food. A couple star examples in this category are a swath across the Rose’ category and some Champagnes.

But there are a few wines that truly “up” that ante— delicious as a standalone sipper, also pairing across a broad range of cuisines; ADD to that— they play well with foods that are thought to be wine-pairing-challenged: sweet foods, spicy-hot foods, egg dishes, and certain ‘green’ vegetables (like asparagus and artichokes). It is in this latter category of rare wines that I place Prosecco.

In this article written by VeroVino, I was invited to explain the qualities of this balanced bubbly that make Prosecco an ideal food wine. I also offer a number of Prosecco food pairing ideas, from starters to mains – including with those difficult to pair food categories. Keep reading for a delicious recipe by Vero Vino chef Jacqueline Mitchell that is truly made for Prosecco! Jacqueline works her magic daily right there in northern Italy. She recommends Risotto alla Zucca e Asiago (Pumpkin Risotto with Asiago Cheese) – a match made in Valdobbiadene heaven.

Click the below link to go directly to Vero Vino’s article on Prosecco & Food Pairing. You’ll see my pairing suggestions and Chef Jacqueline’s recipe – A perfect pairing for your table this fall.


Plate of pumpkin risotto with bottle of Prosecco
Pouring champagne or a wine into a glass.

VeroVino – Foraging natural wines and foods from undiscovered small producers around the world

Want to learn more about Prosecco and its beautiful heartland of Valdobbiadene? Click here for my article written for VeroVino on what makes Prosecco unique from Champagne and how this land and this climate in the beautiful green rolling foothills of northern Italy make the highest quality versions. https://crushcoursewine.com/beyond-bubbles-prosecco-and-the-land-of-valdobiaddene/

What are your favorite Prosecco & food pairings? Share in Comments below. We’d love to hear!

~ Mary Beth




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