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This Mt Etna White -Let’s Call it a “Grand Crus”

by | Saturday, April 4, 2020 | Wine Regions, Wine Reviews

Benanti Pietramarina Etna Bianco Superiore 2013

If there were a grand crus white in Sicily, the Benanti Pietramarina would qualify.

When friends give you this as a thank you — you know they appreciate you!

Bottle of Benanti Pietra Marina Etna Bianco Superiore 2013

Benanti Pietra Marina, Etna Bianco Superiore DOCG, 2013

80 year old vines of Etna’s indigenous Carricante grape grow on the southeastern side of the active volcano. Growing for decades at extremes on the sandy volcanic soils of Mount Etna produce profound wines.

The hallmark of the Pietramarina Carricante is salinity and minerality from sea breezes to the east, but still wrapped around silky weight on the palate with notes of orange rind and almond. The Benanti family have been growing vines on Etna since the 1880’s, but it wasn’t until 1988 that the estate began to gain attention first in Sicily, then Italy, and abroad. Cool altitude breezes and stainless steel aging keeps the wine tight and fresh on the palate, while the acidity and those old vines allow it to evolve in the bottle.

Have you found a bottle?  Sipped it yet?  When you do, let me know what you think.


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