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Tis the season… for Mustard!

by | Sunday, February 21, 2021 | Viticulture, Wine Education, Wine Regions

….In the Vineyard that is!

Golden waves of billowing mustard among the vines of Dry Creek Valley.



Beyond beauty, mustard performs magic for the soil and the vine every spring.


Like any cover crop, it protects against erosion, invites water deep into the soil, provides a home and nutrients for good bugs.Then mustard goes a step beyond – it’s mother nature’s natural fumigant. Harmful Nematodes are repelled by mustard’s “aromatics,”protecting the plant from not only the worms, but from the need for chemical pesticides!

Now that’s beautiful!


4 images of mustard growing in vineyards

Say hello to the many faces of mustard among the vines in Dry Creek Valley AVA
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